The Mere Tide P45

Troubled workings-Rage Dyspepsia of the heavens. The tressed levin searing the witch gloom a high white. Riot sonnets abrading the polluted salitter from the face of the squalled dala a thunderous syllable at a time. Wind has routed trees from their fastholds and the elements bray in orchestra. His musics are the fury and lo… Continue reading The Mere Tide P45


The Mere Tide P44

In the shower-The pilot's comforting Anaya had no bathtub. She levered back two wrenches clamped to valve bolts behind the lampshade showerhead and the spoutlets sputtered to strength and sheets of mistle yawned off the tiles. How is it? Dachni touched her hand to the water and jerked it back and flapped it grimacingly about.… Continue reading The Mere Tide P44

On Violence Part One

An unguessed kinship exists between the disaster genre of late, in which the most apocalyptic excrement devised by cinematic writers are played out, and that genre that is known as torture porn, typically filed under horror. At first glance they could not be more different. Disaster films are by their nature vast in scope, invariably… Continue reading On Violence Part One

The Mere Tide P43

Returned to the Basilica-A posse-A confrontation-The mercy of the pilot-An anointing in ash An hour later they passed the remnants of the fires each in turn a blackened mar of gravel. At the culvert her burial was undone and she thought the pelican escaped but when they had passed she saw another smoother place in… Continue reading The Mere Tide P43

The Mere Tide P42

Fish-A bitter sleep of good-The pilot-The rapacity of the intellect-The pilot's conclusion. She turned off the road into farmland. A fallow field where shocks of barely from a bygone harvest moldered like an abandoned hamlet and where random lengths of discarded fencing interrupted the furrows some with the tusked skulls of boars nailed to the… Continue reading The Mere Tide P42

The Mere Tide P41

Runs away-Conceit-Suspicions of nature-The sacrifice unwilling-Night mirages She regained the road about the dawn. There was no traffic and the iced over potholes were like vestigial eyes sealed over by cataracts. In this new day the bosk thrawns looked like collections of spindles bereft of their nocturnal menace. As if there were something inherently fraudulent… Continue reading The Mere Tide P41

The Mere Tide P40

Disassembly-Muldoon's opinion-Supper-The pilot's entreaty Midday next the company imbursed divided into its constituent parts, the aboriginals hazed off like wolves and the cultists pulling their gutcart chanting their crackbrained homilies. The pilot called a transport and saw Blake Muldoon out while she waited for it to arrive. At the edge of town he spat and… Continue reading The Mere Tide P40

The Mere Tide P39

Muldoon's Deception-A dangerous pleading-The slaughter of O'Cuinn On the third night there was a blizzard and the balefires roared and twistered like drunken jinn. Muldoon set out with his lieutenants towards blooms in the west and radioed shortly after midnight that a Governor Quint had found his terms for room and board agreeable and that… Continue reading The Mere Tide P39