The Mere Tide P64

All after Dachni found herself under peculiar scrutiny. The pilot seeking some flaw in her disposition that would permit further intervention. When she ate. When she napped. She did these two things and walk between the stations and the former almost not at all. The melancholy in the observing disconcerted her to no small degree… Continue reading The Mere Tide P64


The Mere Tide P63

In the library the pilot broke out her stores a cognac distilled in honor of Maxence Jaccoud's ascension to the siège éclairé, that Parisian seat that the tribunes monitor with fear, and which the roi had sent her along with invitations to tour his country and was assassinated two months after his coronation and his… Continue reading The Mere Tide P63

New Project

Hey drunks and readers just announcing a new novella in the works. Set in the same time frame as The Mere Tide it follows Private Reshetnikov Syvatoslav Tarasovich as he and the 113th моторизованный гвардейский (Motorized Guards) endure the impoverished psychosis of camp life immediately preceding the war between the Russian Federation and The Interim… Continue reading New Project

The Mere Tide P61

They abandoned their bridgemaking, the furrowing of the fields. The pilot bandaged her stigma in gauze ready stored in a pocket and they lunched on the isle upon vinegar drenched hoagies assembled that morning. Good toasted baguette, red onion rings, tomato, salami neatly sliced into rounds, slices of American cheese, lettuce, circles of pepperoni. Dachni… Continue reading The Mere Tide P61