The Mere Tide P24

Future pains-Preserving the child-Talks-The damaru lost-Discovered-A burial-Prayers-Midnight murder


The Mere Tide P22

CP4-Muted-Beyond Temple-The cosmic administrator-The benefits of alcohol-Winter storms-Exchanging voices. Followed a soberer week westwarding to the Uil where on yonder shore ragged swathes of snow. And on no ground see souls. A few razed hogans. South a day to a virulent eminence of moss-rose overlooking the river and a single sunflower bloomed. Reken plant before… Continue reading The Mere Tide P22

The Mere Tide P21

Interred-Planning-An assault In the daymare of her sleep she was in a valley of mud and she was nothing. And then there was a voice and the nothingness coalesced. She shot up panting and she looked out the window to see whether that doom had manifested but the horizon was empty. It was still light… Continue reading The Mere Tide P21

Gender Fluidity and Linguistic Grounding

Contraindications of Gender Fluidity Via Linguistic Grounding Of late it has become fashionable to opine that gender is a social construct and that it is in reality an infinite gray scale referent to the infallible individual claim. Biologically gender refers to whether or not an animate object displays male or female physical characteristics. The fad… Continue reading Gender Fluidity and Linguistic Grounding

The Mere Tide P19

Branton-Mall's Diner-His Kindness-To the Hostel-Anzel-Gun trades-The pilot-A rape-Setting forth upon the dala   Setting out Dachni mused them on the start of a long journey but in only a few hours there were lights. They dismounted at the edge of a settlement and led their horses in. When Malls came to open his diner he… Continue reading The Mere Tide P19