The Mere Tide P58

In her sleep she was bridled in the carrion mux out which she'd been incarnated but from atop his moraine the dread heresiarch watching her struggle segued her into wakefulness with a query she could not hear. She felt fallen from a height into sour nausea and sweat drip. Gripping tightly her pillow in her… Continue reading The Mere Tide P58



Updates will continue once I've returned from the land of alcoholics. I have come to realize that Ireland's entire culture revolves around the bar and I am forced to wonder how much this fact has advanced and retarded their civilization. Strangely enough I have not once had a hangover here, rather I have felt the… Continue reading Updates

The Mere Tide P56

Heading back to her room the child was gived pause by a suggestion of salmon for supper. She bethought this a good long moment and with brow not unfurrowed and weighing her answer declared sagely at last: Salmon is a fish. The pilot's ears swooped straight up and she gave a vexed little look hard… Continue reading The Mere Tide P56

The Mere Tide P55

April arrived with the mystery of the tube. New addition to her wall. Seated in an aluminum backplate and filled with a transparent fluid failing to float a bead above the blue slant shading its bottom. Dachni swatted it from its mount with a broom and prodded it across the floor into a corner and… Continue reading The Mere Tide P55

The Mere Tide P53

The manner of her convalescence-The catacombs Two weeks then of days alike in panther black or auteur orb starting constellations of motes on sunbeams. Her sleepless hours sweat wracked abed parceling out the theoretical perdurantism of night, the tribal combat of dark against light, each decaying to the others recede as if a curse to… Continue reading The Mere Tide P53

The Mere Tide P52

The tailor's-Measurements-Second Hand Shopping-A complaint about names-The supremacy of imperfection The din was petering out fast as it started and by the time the pilot ducked under the lintel it had ceased altogether into a tensive observation of the participants for any violation whereby it would all erupt again. As they crossed the threshold Dachni… Continue reading The Mere Tide P52