The Mere Tide P32

An interview with the law-1Y-Dachni takes her leave-Divested Ten minutes later the police arrived. A pair of officers who knocked on the glass of the door with their billyclubs and pointed at Dachni and beckoned her out. She exchanged glances with the recruits and then she parted of them. Outside on the sidewalk one of… Continue reading The Mere Tide P32


Ontario P3

A final tarry, a pause, a last intake of air ere our northern procession. As I was on a train I feel a word musts be spared for those noble machines, those silvern heralds of civilization. There is perhaps no better mode of transport than the train, certainly on land, and because they have not… Continue reading Ontario P3

The Mere Tide P31

The Speech Mr. Tamhall, Governor Arrington, President Orrin. Thank you for being here and thank you for the time and expense of hosting me. Thank you to the institutions which made it possible for me to speak on this occasion. Thank you also to Chairman Pelson for the contribution of this venue. To those listening… Continue reading The Mere Tide P31

The Mere Tide P30

At the recruiters-Fools of the call-A premonition West then far into country and from people. To towns she would not enter but for the outskirts. To dash into bars to requisition whiskey with a mask on.  One day to enter a street where in uniform a woman stood on a street corner. And all caution.… Continue reading The Mere Tide P30

The Mere Tide P29

Takund-The child's concern-Returned to the hostel-The emancipate trap-The nidus-Dono ignis-Takund in a lantern-The primacy of the act-A doppelganger. The black gifted her was a tall lanky carp hunter's son prized off the Euphrates and in her deception would be butchered a few days hence and it would be the head of a different black she… Continue reading The Mere Tide P29

The Mere Tide P28

Fetishes-Familia defendendo-The difference-A parting gift They turned out to survey that groaning mass huddled on the asphalt. A sable sea to be picked through and frowned at. Has ye got no lilns? Or knows. Any whites? He did. A rangy waif thief bright blond among kin. Dachni squatted and poked her in the shoulder and… Continue reading The Mere Tide P28

The Mere Tide P27

Kindnesses-How is Knoxville-Where go the stock drivers and why-A gift In the belly of that ossified chimera Dachni and Corrigan sat on stools around a space heater watching the mayhem outside. Corrigan swung up a tobacco pouch from out a sleeve and clenched it in his teeth and rolled two cigarettes and lit them. His… Continue reading The Mere Tide P27

The Mere Tide P26

The Drive-Corrigan-The carnival In the dawn they were not yet noise. An aural shadow, an irritation in the little snow let down by a sky of iron cast uniformity. Something as yet uncast. A subtle undercurrent that with the ceaseless rotary motion of the spheres burgeoned into an indistinct mass transmitting across the plain its… Continue reading The Mere Tide P26