Saved Savior

Angel give a whisper in my dream A line that fades after the wake I who dreams is but a thing that seems Who dares not tell any soul my dark catharsis So dearest I pray give my soul a sound If a muse can save her creator And see beyond the seeming Tis youll… Continue reading Saved Savior


The Mere Tide P71

Several blocks on to Frankel's CornerShot that observed the intersection with two bulging and meropic billiards balls slotted over the canopy. The pilot turned onto Sumac to the child's distress who told her not to venture that undiscovered way and the pilot backglancing able to see the sliver of the distant embassy asked if it… Continue reading The Mere Tide P71

The Mere Tide P70

The pilot black robed from the waist down, the child primsie in a flower dress, arrived in the great smoky hall to find the table already commenced. A euphonic uproar died as though vacuumed back into the throats of these seated distichous revelers. In sync they turned and on their knees bowed, their elbows palmed,… Continue reading The Mere Tide P70

The Mere Tide P69

Barely functioning jitney pulled up before the gate of the Aiegietti, the aienee embassy. Its doors opened and Dachni watched the pilot emerge like an enormous robed spider and she followed like another. The pilot was reaching for her wallet but the shalkii garrisoning the guardshack one produced his own card and another ran ahead… Continue reading The Mere Tide P69

The Mere Tide P67

The service shuttle paused briefly at the stop sign, headbanging on its carriage, damp running down its aluminum skin as though it sallied forth upon roads it would rather not, its brake lights in sustained red flare then dimmed, then joined the traffic. Anaya claimed there would be another but the beaten halt enthroned knew… Continue reading The Mere Tide P67

The Mere Tide P66

She woke in a room. Eyelids inflamed by sterile notsuns humming electrically. Artificial isotrope alike at noon as twilight. The odor that stung her nostrils was the odor of iodoform. A constant combat between the foul and antiseptic. Conducive neither to life. She listed cold upon a bed of ice. Her drywall is porous to… Continue reading The Mere Tide P66